Canoe Rental

Splash! . . .
Your eyes quickly dart to the place from which the sound originated . . .
Trying to focus through the dark waters to the cause of the ever-enlarging rings streaking across the waters surface . . . . Was it a big splash (maybe a manatee)? Or a little splash (could be a tarpon)? Or was it just a turtle trying to quickly escape from the alligator now moving lazily along the waters edge? No Worries! We've been renting canoes here at CampVenice for over 25 years now and we've never lost a guest!Canoe Launch Dock - CampVenice Retreat - Venice Florida

The Myakka River is designated as a 'Florida Outstanding Waterway' and has earned protection as a 'Wild and Scenic' river and a 'Florida Aquatic Preserve'. It flows through three counties of largely undeveloped native range, providing an important nursery habitat for estuarine and marine species. One of three 'Black Water Rivers' in the state, the Myakka is well known for its slow calm movement from its lushly tropical headwaters to its widespread sawgrass flats mouth. The quiet, slow moving water and outstanding beauty combine to form an exceptional area for canoeing.

CampVenice offers campers a fleet of the finest OldTownCanoes® available for enjoying the Myakka River, the 17' Discovery series. Rentals come fully equipped with appropriate sized preservers and paddles. Canoes accommodate a maximum of three(3) persons. Departure and return is from the same location within the Retreat. Canoe rentals are avialable only to current registered campers at CampVenice Retreat. Weight, Safety, and Use Restrictions apply

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